Thursday, April 25, 2013

Why YOU should go to Evolution 2013!

Hello all,

It's April 25th, 2013, and that means Evolution 2013 is a little less than two month away. Now, a lesser known thing about Evolution meetings is (a) you only have to submit a title unless you're trying for a special student presentation award and (b) you can view everyone's submission as they submit on a public website:

 Evolution 2013 - Presentation Search

ALSO, the organizers have extended presentation deadlines, you still have until TOMORROW (April 26th) to submit your presentation! Still on the fence about whether to go? Well, here's one (cough) short list of reasons why you should go.

Once upon a time, I remember some people who told me I probably wouldn't enjoy my time at Evolution: that the majority of the talks involved genetic evolution. (And I work on an extinct group so...) Well look down and tell me if that's true in 2013.

If you have any interests in paleontology, phylogenetics or macroevolution, you'll find something below of interest, I guarantee it. This is an amazing time to be a young scientist working in this area. Also, we really need to see more paleontology at Evolution! Note well though that many of the Evolution talks given by paleontologists aren't even listed under paleontology: many of us are giving macroevolution, phylogenetics, biogeography or community ecology and evolution.

Here's the list:

A generalized kappa statistic for estimating phylogenetic signal from multivariate data
Dean Adams

A genomic approach to understanding allopatric speciation in tropical montane birds
Ben Winger and John Bates

A linear-time algorithm for Gaussian and non-Gaussian trait evolution models.
Ho, Lam; Ane, Cecile
An artifact caused by undersampling optimal trees in supermatrix analyses of locally sampled characters
Pitkin Simmons, Mark; Goloboff, Pablo.

A new birth-death model recovers the K-Pg mass-extinction event in mammals.
Hoehna, Sebastian

Arbor: Comparative Analysis Workflows for the Tree of Life
Harmon, Luke, Baumes, Jeff, Hughes, Charlie, Soberon, Jorge, Specht, Chelsea, Thacker, Robert, Turner, Wes, Lisle, Curtis

A simple index of the strength of convergent evolution.
Arbuckle, Kevin

Assembly & early diversification of modern reef fishes.
Price, Samantha, Wainwright, Peter

Association between colony life-history and polymorphism in Cheilostome br.
Carl Simpson

A variable rates approach to quantifying the processes underlying trait co-variation.
Smaers, Jeroen

Bayesian inference of biogeographical histories for hundreds of discrete areas
Landis, Michael; Matzke, Nicholas; Moore, Brian; Huelsenbeck, John

Bayesian inference of phylogeny from partitioned data
Moore, Brian, Fredrik, Ronquist, McGuire, Jim, Huelsenbeck, John

Better interpretation of patterns of trait evolution using a novel reversible-jump method of detecting adaptive regimes from phylogenetic comparative data
Josef Uyeda and Luke Harmon

Beyond the lower-bound: the fossil record can provide empirically-informed prior distributions on node ages in poorly-sampled groups
Graeme Lloyd, Matt Friedman and Mark Bell

Coevolution, diversification, and biogeography of a specialized insect-plant pollination mutualism on oceanic islands
David Hembry

Constraints on mammalian forelimb development: Insights from developmental disparity
Ross, Darcy; Marcot, Jonathan; Betteridge, Keith; Nascone-Yoder, Nanette; Bailey, Scott; Sears, Karen

Deflating trees: improving Bayesian branch-length estimates using informed priors
Nelson, Brad, Andersen, John, Brown, Jeremy

Detecting Genomic Introgression at the Phylogenetic Scale
Eaton, Deren; Ree, Richard

Distance-based phylogenetic algorithms around a polytomy
Davidson, Ruth; Sullivant, Seth

Diversification of a diverse lineage of Neotropical rodents (Caviomorpha: Octodontoidea): integrating DNA sequences, fossils, and species traits
Nate Upham and Bruce Patterson

Duplicate gene evolution on the Y-chromosome: insights from ampliconic genes of Indonesian macaques
Hermina Ghenu, Ben Bolker and Ben Evans

Dynamic variation in rates of body mass evolution in birds
McEntee, Jay P; Ruhfel, Brad; Burleigh, J. Gordon

Estimating Phylogeny from microRNA Data: A Critical Appraisal
Thomson, Robert; Plachetzki, David; Mahler, D. Luke; Moore, Brian

Evo-devo to Everest: travels with the trilobite time lords
Nigel Hughes

Evolution and the Levels of Lineage
Matt Haber

Evolution of desert biotas
John Wiens

Expeditionary Science in Deep Time: Motor for Paradigm Change
Paul Sereno

Experience with maximum likelihood morphometric methods that use phylogenies
Joe Felsenstein

Exploring Divergence and Convergence in the Hyperdiverse Myrmicine Ants
Ward, Philip; Schultz, Ted; Fisher, Brian; Brady, Sean

Exploring the pelagic abyss
Karen Osborn

Founder-event speciation dramatically improves likelihoods and alters parameter inference in Dispersal-Extinction-Cladogenesis (DEC) analyses
Nicholas Matzke

Fossils as terminals: a total-evidence analysis to estimate angiosperm divergence date
Magallon, Susana, Doyle, James

Freeloader to free-living: lineage diversification and morphological evolution of the megadiverse marine bivalve clade Galeommatoidea
Li, Jingchun; Ó Foighil, Diarmaid; Strong, Ellen

From 'Bigmessidae' to Merulinidae: integrating molecules and morphology to resolve the systematics of scleractinian corals.
Huang, Danwei; Smith, Nathan; Budd, Nancy

Genetic correlates of morphological diversity in Costa Rican army ants
Winston, Max; Moreau, Corrie

Geometric morphometrics for analysis of any type of symmetry: Methods and biological applications
Savriama, Yoland; Klingenberg, Christian Peter; Neustupa, Jiří; Gómez, José María; Francisco, Perfectti

How clades expand in size/shape space: integrating fossil and Recent data to evaluate the role of clade age, species richness and position in morphospace
Shan Huang and David Jablonski

How cryptic is cryptic diversity? Machine learning approaches to fine scale variation in the morphology of Emys marmorata.
Smits, Peter D; Angielczyk, Kenneth D; Parham, James F

How do measures of "signal" relate to patterns of traits distributed on a phylogenetic tree?
Forrestel, Elisabeth J.; Donoghue, Michael

How good is good enough? - Taxonomy and phylogeny in evolutionary analyses.
Laura Soul, Graeme Lloyd and Matt Friedman

How to quantify the magnitude and significance of convergent evolution
C. Tristan Stayton

Identifying hidden rate changes in the evolution of a binary morphological character: the evolution of plant habit in campanulid angiosperms
Beaulieu, Jeremy; O'Meara, Brian C.; Donoghue, Michael

Indirect defensive traits and lineage diversification rates in plants
Weber, Marjorie; Agrawal, Anurag

Integrating Phylogeny, Climatic Niche, and Biogeographic History to Explain Growth Form Evolution in the Spine-shield Euphorbias (E. sect. Euphorbia, Euphorbiaceae)
Dorsey, Brian; Berry, Paul

Late Quaternary climate velocity, contemporary environmental gradients, and marine biodiversity patterns on coral reefs
Sbrocco, Elizabeth J.

Losing to the Red Queen I: a tale of two rates.
Quental, Tiago Bosisio; Marshall, Charles

Losing to the Red Queen II:  when non-equlibrial processes trump diversity dependence
Marshall, Charles; Quental, Tiago Bosisio

Lung evolution in Amniotes
Colleen Farmer

Lying through your teeth: saturation and non independence in morphological data, and what to do about it
Davalos, Liliana M; Velazco, Paul M; Warsi, Omar M; Smits, Peter D; Simmons, Nancy B

Macroevolutionary dynamics of diversification across extant bats
Shi, Jeff; Badgley, Catherine; Rabosky, Daniel

Macroevolutionary patterns of trait diversification in social insects: a phylogenetic analysis of caste evolution using turtle ants
Scott Powell

MCDUSA: A Monte Carlo method for more reliable detection of lineage-specific rates of diversification
Michael May and Brian Moore

Missing data lead to holes in the tree of life
Cabezas, Patricia; Drew, Bryan; Gazis, Romina; Swithers, Kristen; Deng, Jiabin; Rodriguez, Roseanna; Katz, Laura; Crandall, Keith; Hibbett, David; Soltis, Douglas

Models of species diversification and the age-richness relationship paradigm
Sánchez-Reyes, Luna Luisa; Magallón, Susana

Morphology and exploitation in ray-finned fishes using crowdsourced data
Jonathan Chang, Dan Rabosky, Mike Alfaro

Multi-Dimensional Optimization - A Mathematic Model For Evolution
Leng, Xuguang

New graphical methods for visualizing comparative data on phylogenies
Liam Revell

Node-based analysis of clade distribution
Catherine Graham

Open Tree of Life: large-scale phylogenetic data synthesis
Karen Cranston

Patterns of phenotypic correlations and integration in animals and plants
Conner, Jeffrey K; Cooper, Idelle; La Rosa, Raffica; Perez, Samuel; Royer, Anne

Phylogenetic ANCOVA: The study of adaptation and phenotypic radiation when combining continuous and categorical traits
Fuentes, Jesualdo; Martins, Emilia

Phylogenomics offers insights into hemichordate evolution
Cannon, Johanna; Kocot, Kevin; Santos, Scott; Swalla, Billie; Halanych, Ken

Sexual dichromatism and speciation rate in birds
HUANG, HUATENG; Rabosky, Daniel

Tempo of diversification across a 900-species muroid-rodent phylogeny; what do different methods tell us?
Schenk, John, Steppan, Scott

Testing irreversibility/Dollo's law using ancestral state reconstruction: How hard is it?
David Swofford

Testing the strength of evolutionary correlations between dental morphology and diet in extant Carnivora
Sam Hopkins and Sam Price

The discovery and documentation of convergent evolution in the morphology and mechanics of turtle shells
C. Tristan Stayton

The evolution of cichlid craniofacial diversity
Matthew McGee, Sam Borstein, Peter Wainwright

The evolution of ecological specialization in birds
Oswald, Jessica A.; Burleigh, J. Gordon

The evolution of neopilionid harvestmen and a new, putative Gondwanan relic from New Caledonia
Krentzel, Dallas; Cokendolpher, James

The Fossilized Birth-Death Process: A Coherent Model of Fossil Calibration for Bayesian Divergence Time Estimation
Tracy Heath, John Huelsenbeck and Tanja Stadler

The Genomic Nature of Linnaean Genera
Masalia, Rishi R.; Barker, Michael

The genome of the big-eyed arboreal ant Pseudomyrmex gracilis
Ben Rubin and Corrie Moreau

The Impact of Time-Scaling Methods on Phylogenetic Comparative Methods in the Fossil Record
David Bapst

The inference of basal snake phylogenetic relationships: The importance of combining molecular, morphological, and fossil data
Harrington, Sean

The major features of plant trait evolution, or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the model
Pennell, Matthew; Cornwell, William; Harmon, Luke

The Signal and the Noise: Why we're still searching for resolution of deep phylogenies
Showers Corneli, Patrice

Tracking the evolution of fur color patterns in the short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis: Didelphidae): common ancestry or independent evolution?
Pavan, Silvia; Jansa, Sharon; Voss, Rob

When are missing data problematic for phylogenetic estimation from phenotypic data sets?
April Wright and David Hillis

Why do species not adapt but go extinct?
Bokma, Folmer

Wing shape evolution in social wasps and phylogenetic signal.
Perrard, Adrien, Baylac, Michel, Carpenter, James M., Villemant, Claire


... And last but not least, the three presidential speeches:

The dechronization of E. coli:  A 25-year love story
Richard Lenski

Speciation and latitude
Dolph Schluter

Systematic biology two decades after Snowbird 1993 and w(h)ither the species tree?
Jack Sullivan


Okay guys, now tell me about all the amazing talk submissions I missed, cause I know I must have missed a bunch!

Also, go submit your own talk title! Go make the list above out-dated in the next 24 hours! Get to it!